European Pheasant Shoot in Oklahoma

The Ozarks are far from the English countryside; but, a European-style pheasant shoot at Cherokee Spur Ranch is as close as you’ll come to the European experience without flying across the Atlantic.

Driven pheasant shooting is meant to challenge the shooter with high birds flying at the whim of the winds.

At CSR, Pheasants are driven to flight at high elevations as hunters await their high-flying quarry in serene wooded settings below. Shooters will soon learn that these stations are designed to present a variety of shooting situations, some more challenging than others.

A European pheasant shoot provides challenge, fun and camaraderie for corporate or private groups with up to 36 shooters in the field at one time.

CSR can accommodate from 6 to 36 guns. Buckeye Ridge, capable of handling 6 to 12 guns is known for it’s fast action; while The Oaks is famous for extreme or high birds and handles from 18 to 36 guns. The Spur is the best setting for the novice, with more open space from which to shoot. It easily accommodates 24 guns or as few as 6. Each of these areas offer unique opportunities at high flying pheasants.

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