Welcome to Cherokee Spur Ranch

At Cherokee Spur Ranch we have but one single goal – to transcend time, with reference to quail and quail hunting. Man has grown complacent, stagnate, and reluctant to change in regards to managing our wild lands. Too often, the term “management” is misused. Simply putting out feeders or brush hogging is not managing our habitat or the animals which occupy it. At Cherokee Spur Ranch, we have put modern technology and recent research data at the forefront. By using a proactive, forward thinking approach, we have taken quail management to new heights.



We all know that bobwhite quail numbers have been in a steady decline for some time now. Although much research has been done, there are few solutions to the problem.

There are several factors which limit quail numbers- weather, predation, and habitat are a few. The two that we can control are predation and habitat. Furbearers play a tremendous role in bobwhite reproduction. Research has proven that intensive predator control has had a positive effect on not only quail reproduction; but also, turkey and deer as well. Consequently, we have constructed a predator-proof fence; thus, completely eliminating one of the main limiting factors.

The second factor that we can control is habitat. We started with the eradication of the foreign fescue and Bermuda grasses. Although costly, it is a must. These introduced plants provide absolutely nothing in the way of nutritive value, nesting cover, or brood-rearing cover. Not only are we working to enhance and perpetuate our native plant communities which are beneficial to quail; but, we also purchased and planted woody cover at a rate of 100 shrubs/1 acre. These plants (i.e.) service berry, forsythia, azalea, low bush blueberry, and choke cherry, provide optimum conditions for escaping avian predators or surviving a severe winter storm.

By providing all the components of a native, warm-season landscape – nesting cover, mid-range woody cover, brood-rearing habitat, a 12 month food source, and proper dispersal of all these- and completely eliminating predation, we have created a virtual bobwhite quail factory!

In short, our approach to quail management is unique to the industry and you, the hunter, are the beneficiary. We do indeed provide the best quail hunting in the nation. When planning your next trip to Cherokee Spur Ranch, just imagine the glory days of quail hunting.


The Lodge

Sitting high atop the oak ridges overlooking Grand Lake, our lodge itself is as grand as the view. With 6,000 sq. ft. of living space, there is ample room to relax or play. The Great room offers billiards, large flat-screen TV, surround sound and wet bar. Each of the bedrooms has a flat-screen TV and the most comfortable beds you’ll ever sleep on. Meals are prepared by our chef and served on a dining table fit for a king. Outside the lodge, you’ll find large sitting areas and a hot tub.

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